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Axis and allies global 1940 british strategy

axis and allies global 1940 british strategy

I think there are three basic strategies for the UK: Focus on India - with this approach, the UK cedes Africa to Germany. On the first turn, the UK. 1, Global strategy for victory in the pacific 2, Axis & Allies Global Second Edition - Combined Games: Europe With UK island under control​. What are some useful tips to running global as the allies? The Axis in the first game dominated by turn three, with Italy France - drive your Madagascar destroyer around with the UK Med fleet or Indian Fleet. axis and allies global 1940 british strategy

Axis and allies global 1940 british strategy -

When each power takes its turn, they must first declare how they are to spend the IPCs Industrial Production Certificates, an abstract currency representing one million man-hours of labor in their possession: this may go into buying new units, improving units through research in earlier editions , or repairing damaged structures in later editions. I think if you could combine the tactics I used on both games, then Axis should be able to win pretty well. Do not worry about Karelia yet. Green Ronin Publishing. Can conduct shore bombardment during amphibious invasions. Scott Mitchell Scott Mitchell 2, 2 2 gold badges 20 20 silver badges 30 30 bronze badges. The key to the strategy is an early taking of India by Japan by not doing the "Pearl Harbor" and using the Navy to take India. Which strategies have led them to victory? Make sure you stick to the plan though so you can give it an honest test. I will post my tactics on the Pacific board a next time, have to go axis and allies global 1940 british strategy Hopefully this is usefull for you, you can always ask questions about my tactics! Viewed 38k times. Even AHB admits that against strong players a bid of 20 would be enough for them to win with allies against him so its more of a skill equaliser then a map balancing thing. And see my piece on the "Kwabang" attack.

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