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Bank guarantee format pnb

bank guarantee format pnb

FORMAT OF FURNISHING BANK GUARANTEE FOR SECURITY DEPOSIT (​Power. Supply). In consideration of the DNH of_____ kVA High Tension power on production of Bank Guarantee for 14 Punjab National Bank. 15 Punjab and​. consequent upon the invocation of guarantee. Bank Guarantee Scheme of Government of India. • BGs are to be issued in the Model Form of Bank Guarantee. i) Our liability under this Bank Guarantee shall not exceed Rs .. ii) This Bank Guarantee shall be valid up to and including .. iii) We are liable to pay the guaranteed amount or any part thereof under this Bank Guarantee only and only if Purchaser serve upon Bank a written claim or demand on or before. bank guarantee format pnb The Bank may suspend or terminate the Internet Banking Services without prior notice if the Corporate has committed breach of these terms and conditions or the Bank comes to know about: a appointment of an administrator, provisional liquidator, conservator, receiver, trustee, custodian or other similar official for it or in respect of all or substantially all its assets, or b resolution passed for its winding-up, official management or liquidation other than pursuant to a consolidation, amalgamation or merger, or c becoming insolvent or is unable to pay its debts or fails or admits in writing its inability generally to pay its debts as they become due, or d results in a judgment of insolvency or bankruptcy or the entry of an order for relief or the making of an order for its winding-up or liquidation, or e proposed acquisition of assets by financial institution s. Bank states that it has no liability or obligation to keep a record of the instructions to provide information to the user or for verifying user's instructions. Bank shall not be deemed to have received any bank guarantee format pnb, direction, order, request electronically transmitted by the User until it confirms the receipt of such instruction, direction, order, request. The Bank shall not be liable to the account holder s for any damages, whatsoever, whether such damages are direct, indirect, incidental, consequential and irrespective of whether any claim is based on loss of revenue, investment, production, goodwill, profit, interruption of business or any other loss of any character or nature, whatsoever, and whether sustained by the account holder s or any other person, if Internet Banking Bank guarantee format pnb access is not available in bank guarantee format pnb desired manner for reasons including but not limited to natural calamity, floods, fire and other natural disasters, legal restraints, faults in bank guarantee format pnb telecommunication network or Internet or network failure, software or hardware error or any other reason s beyond the control of the Bank. The Corporate acknowledges that the software being used for the Internet Banking Services as well as bank guarantee format pnb Internet related softwares, which are required for accessing Internet Banking Services, are the legal property of the respective vendors. The Account Administrator will be acting on behalf of the company concerned for creating Users with bank guarantee format pnb rights, allocation of divisions and attaching accounts with Users.

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