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Canon eos 70d digital slr camera review

canon eos 70d digital slr camera review

Canon knows how to make great DSLRs, and the EOS 70D is one example. Given the maelstrom in the camera business, Canon – still the biggest reviewed Sony Alpha A7 and A7R but in many ways using a DSLR felt. The Canon 70D is Canon's least-expensive full-performance DSLR. I can't think of anything significant missing on the 70D for a normal person not made of money. The 70D is a fantastic camera at any price. If you think you want one, just get it. The EOS 70D directly replaces the EOS 60D in Canon's range, and is very similar in terms of size and design. It's a bit smaller though, and has a sensibly-updated control layout. Here we take a more-detailed look at the two cameras side-by-side. From the front the EOS 70D looks almost identical to the 60D.

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Canon eos 70d digital slr camera review The STM kit lens for the 70D is very good, and there's an option to upgrade to a longer mm distance. Jan 18, I thought this initially but forget the headphone jack the audio on all DLSR's is not great. I would've given it 5 stars a month ago, but since then, I got the dreaded error The best instant cameras for
canon eos 70d digital slr camera review

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