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Lidl germany leaflets

lidl germany leaflets

lidl germany leaflets

Lidl germany leaflets -

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  1. Cahya Supriadi

    @Raiken Profit I had a bank say my ATM deposit was stolen & I have to replace all my customers checks & redeposit to get my money back. I was able to talk to management & have the money deposited back into my account. The manager told me I would still be liable for that money. I went to the bank next morning & withdrew all funds & went to another bank & opened a new account. I called banking administration during this incident. I was informed that a bank can remove funds from ur account "at will". I said so it's better to keep Moni under ur mattress. He responded with a yea & laughed. For years I got a collection notice from the old bank saying I owed them that Moni. They never saw me or that Moni again!

  2. Karoliina Kask

    Or account login karne kr uske longin

  3. Fuu Fuu

    Branch se contact kare

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